Trouble Andrew is coming to Russia! Trouble in Russia!

This is what the frontman and the idea-man of the prominent piping hot music band from Brooklyn, NY, called Trouble Andrew, wrote on his personal website:

“Trouble Andrew is the true sound, originating in a true snowboarder’s heart and going out to the whole extreme sports industry. The band’s music can also be described as a blend of electronic beat and light “skater-ish” punk-rock”.

Trevor himself defines this style as crunk rock – a new genre born under the influence of the skateboarding and snowboarding cultures.

10 facts about Trouble Andrew:
  1. The real name of the front man is Trevor Andrew (a.k.a. Billy Lotion, a.k.a. Private Joints, a.k.a. Trza, a.k.a. Trev Dirt, a.k.a. Mr Andrew)
  2. Trevor Andrew is a professional snowboarder
  3. Has received many titles and awards, as well as has filmed a huge number of parties in snowboarding movies
  4. Winter Olympian of the 1998 and 2002 Games
  5. Author of signature styles of snowboarding apparel and goggles, whose designs are all product of his own creativity
  6. Received a serious knee injury in 2004, and since then has devoted himself fully to creating
  7. The debut album was released in 2006
  8. Has performed on the same stage with such acts as De La Soul, GZA, Rick Ross, Pit Bull, Silverstien and MCRd band
  9. Headlines leading snowboarding events, such as X-Games, the Toyota Big Air in Japan, the International winter sports exhibition in Las-Vegas (SIA)
  10. The Chase Money single is the official soundtrack for the SKATE video game by Electronic Arts

Trouble Andrew act:
  • Trevor Andrew (creative director/vocals/front man)
  • Robi Gonzalez (drummer)
  • Masa aka Masaru Takaku (bass shredder)
  • Joao Salomao (guitar)
Trouble Andrew
Trouble Andrew (2007) 
Trouble Andrew
Dreams of a Troubled Man (2011)

Artem Khvorostukhin

Has previously nailed the Sochi Drive tour.
Official host and presenter of the Russian stop of the most spectacular moto-freestyle world tour – the X-FIGHTERS. His charisma and skills in pumping the crowd are objects of envy of many Russian mainstream media presenters!



Flammable Beats is a team of four DJs living in Moscow: DJ Chagin, DJ Vinilkin, DJ Pirumov & DJ Tactics. By the time they celebrated their 7th anniversary, the Flammable Beats parties have become the most popular venues for hip-hop fans. Flammable Beats introduce the best Russian MCs and present the special turntablism shows.

Flammable Beats have shared the stage with such famous acts as: Guru, De La Soul, J-Live, DJ Numark (Jurassic 5), Ghostface Killah, DJ Spinna, Jah Mason, Cutty Ranks, Vast Air, DJ Vadim, Beans, Mad Professor, Lotek Hi-Fi, Ursula Rucker, Alias, DJ Woody, Eek-a-Mouse, Bernie Warrell, Afra and the Incredible Beatbox Band, Nightmares on Wax, Lee Scratch Perry, DJ Adlib, Naughty by Nature.
Nokia Soundboard.

Flammable Beats are by now an integral element of the Moscow nightlife, from the notorious Solyanka club to the Bar DS and various street festivals, such as the Snickers Urbania and the